Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory Equipment To Prepare Cells

Preparing cells or handling cell culture research is a delicate process and you must outfit your lab with the right tools for the laboratory. In addition, having the right equipment is essential to ensure effective workflow and an efficient laboratory schedule.  Hence it’s crucial to understand what the right laboratory equipment is for preparing cells …

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Laboratory Equipment Companies

Laboratories equipment companies produce and distribute a wide range of essentials including lab equipment, instrument, consumables, protective gear, and analytical systems. While some companies only produce single-category product like academic institutes or life science centers, many companies manufacture holistic, general, or various items.  Below are some of the largest laboratory supply companies in the USA: …

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Medical Laboratory Equipment And Their Uses

Understanding medical laboratory equipment and their uses is essential as these reduce the change of human error and provide results accurately. In addition, if you need to handle that medical lab equipment, this information is crucial for you both your and the lab’s safety.  Here in this post, we’ll discuss some most common equipment that …

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What Are Laboratory Safety Equipment

A laboratory is a risky workplace with high-risk procedures and hazardous chemical that poses potential threats. Hence preventive measures are superiorly important. In this case, you must understand what is laboratory safety equipment, how it works.  Then you can decorate the laboratory with this safety equipment to maintain a safe and functional environment to the …

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Laboratory Equipment For Histology And Cytology

Histology and cytology are two important branches of science and are connected to both medical and biology laboratories. There is a wide range of laboratory equipment for histology and cytology and the most common names are rotary microtomes, Floatation Water Baths, and Catheters. Below are some basic discussions of histology and cytology lab equipment along …

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Laboratory Equipment For Microbiology

Planning to set up a microbiology lab but don’t know what is the essential laboratory equipment for microbiology? Don’t worry. Though microbiology is a huge subject, below we’ve listed some common instruments to give you something to start with. Following we’ve discussed 22 microbiology lab equipment along with their working principle and usage to help …

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